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How to get your sales levels back to and exceed Pre Covid-19

One thing is for certain, at times like this, owning a business is an incredible responsibility. Our decisions & actions impact a lot of people, including our employees, our clients, our families & the greater community.

As the world looks forward to a return to a “new normal”, it's anticipated that the function of #digitalsignage will expand well beyond its pre-COVID-19 role.

open business as normal.jpeg

Now is the time to act and implement your strategies, with many of our clients using their digital signage to increase health & safety messaging to customers and staff.

Digital signage can be utilised to help tackle this pandemic, allowing for the clear communication of important hygiene & social distancing measures. Get information out to large audiences and update it regularly as the situation continues to develop.


Our team in conjunction with Martin Salter from 2H Media specialises in implementing & commercialising #visualdisplaysolutions across a variety of industries. We can help you create a network of remotely managed displays that can be updated quickly, cost-effectively & safely.


Digital signage is proven to engage audiences, call us today to see how we can help you.


“Your vision, brought to life”

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Digital Screen Displays is open for business and trading through the Covid19 crisis. 

Digital Screen Displays, was selected and awarded the contract to design, install and manage the digital assets for Sydney's latest CBD development at 55 Clarence St.

55 Clarence Street is developing a new reputation.
A strong collaborative team is rethinking this powerful
address in the CBD’s Upper West-Side to unite the
city fringe and Wynyard Place with Barangaroo.

A sophisticated refurbishment will transform
55 Clarence into a modern commercial precinct integrating
the retro 1970s façade with the stylish lobby upgrade to
activate the urban street presence. 55 Clarence will usher
in a sense of New York cool perfectly complementing
Sydney’s buzzing energy.

Screen Shot 2020-03-11 at 10.37.54

MAY 2020 - UHD 3D wrap LED timelapse


Working together with FDC Constructions, DSD was engaged to install two digital screens into the newly renovated foyer & 55 Clarence St Sydney. The first asset is a UHD LED screen that wraps around the lift column wall to give it a 3D look and feel. With a pixel pitch of 2.5mm and built into a recessed wall cavity, the seamless design is stunning and really pops with vivid content of Sydney's beautiful harbour and CBD.

The 2nd asset is an interactive 65" Menu Board, which is updated minute by minute with news and weather feeds, along with relevant local and building news.

The DSD team had both assets installed and commissioned in 2 days, reducing costs and downtime for asset owners.

There has never been a better time to join the digital revolution, allow DSD to help you transform your space into an interactive and immersive branding platform. Contact DSD today

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