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Mesh LED

Indoor Displays LED

LED Mesh or facade LED is durable, lightweight, and can make many custom shapes. 


Our LED Mesh indoor/outdoor facade series reinvents the large-scale media experience. LED Mesh Curtains have become a popular signage solution for outdoor building facade, Ceiling LED, nightclubs, Stage for events concerts and bars because of its lightweight, easy to install features. Led Mesh can be customized into many different sizes and smoothly and perfectly fits into architectural lighting and decorating applications.

The sophisticated, scalable, semi-transparent LED system elegantly transforms any surface into a brilliant palette for graphics, text, and video animations in full color (RGB).

There are mainly 3 types of LED mesh on the LED screen market:

We can help on each of the following options to help you find the best solution for you led mesh project

Ultra Transparency

Flexible Flat Design

light weight mesh.jpg

Our MESH LED screens are almost invisible with over 80% transparency when viewed from greater than 5 metres.

Our Mesh screen is with high resolution and transparency provides artistand designer more creativity space, and help their advanced inspiration come true.

Any size and shape can be created with the LED Mesh system to meet project-specific requirements.


Due to the flexible mounting system, even the largest areas can easily be covered in any corner. LED Mesh is ideal for Building facades, walls, exhibition center, columns & ceilings

MESH spec

Always in Control

Smart Monitoring

Our Indoor Mesh smart modules provide real-time monitoring services directly from the LED module itself. There is no need for additional monitor cards and cables. Module health and status check routines are run automatically. Any service failures relating to Temperature, Module LEDs, PSU Voltage, receiving cards, sending cards and ribbon cables can be sent automatically via email.

MediaMesh LED.jpg
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