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Indoor Displays LED

Indoor Displays LED

Trusted by leading retailers and many successful businesses worldwide, Digital Screen Displays Indoor Series LED screens will help you to deliver innovative eye-catching presentations in a wide variety of display environments.  Supporting a range of pixel pitch options from 1.1mm to 6mm and utlising our innovative cabinet design, screens can be easily configured to deliver stunning content in virtually any format, resolution and at any size.


Indoor Fixed Displays

  • Fast configuration of 3/4/5 modules

  • Lightweight – (10kg/panel)

  • Slim – (54mm only)

  • High production accuracy with tolerances less than 0.1mm

Flexible Flat Design

Front or Rear service

Digital Screen Displays new HD series features a new flat panel design that is light, slim and allows easy configuration with cabinets that support, 3, 4 or 5 modules. Cabinets can also be arranged in any horizontal or vertical orientation.


Smart Module

Integrated Intelligence

In addition, the smart monitoring service stores important data including the module’s ID, production date, calibration data and time in operation.

  • Module ID

  • Order Information

  • Production Date

  • Working Time

  • Colour Coordinates

  • Supply Voltage

  • Module Temperature

  • Module Current

  • Calibration Data Auto Readback


Always in Control

Smart Monitoring

Our Indoor series smart modules provide real-time monitoring services directly from the LED module itself. There is no need for additional monitor cards and cables. Module health and status check routines are run automatically. Any service failures relating to Temperature, Module LEDs, PSU Voltage, receiving cards, sending cards and ribbon cables can be sent automatically via email.

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